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H.E.A.T. Project Page

World Issue: Health and Nutrition
Solution : The ANTI-BOTTLE Project


Goal : $4000
Raised : $212.49
Remaining : $3788

Healthy.Eating.Active.Teens is a group of teens that assists youth to become fit. To raise money and increase support for Trim Kids, a YMCA program for youth, we are selling Vapur Water Bottles.

For every $[0] raised this organization will provide [1] [to be determined by each group] for [0] recipient(s) living in : Global
Honor Roll :
$ 350.00 - STEPHANIE GILL $ 10.00 - Checks $ 565.00 - checks $ 200.00 -
Project Description

H.E.A.T Hello everyone, For those who are reading this and have never heard of us, we call ourselves H.E.A.T. That stands for Healthy, Eating, Active, Teens. Our goal is to help kids learn that getting active and eating right will help you in the long run. Heat would like to thank all of the people and businesses that helped us. We are very thankful for all of the generous donations that were made. For those who bought the vapor water bottles, we hope you are enjoying them. It has been a great thing to be involved in H.E.A.T. Thank you to those who bought vapor water bottles and those who donated money to our program. So, the good news for today is that H.E.A.T. gave $521 to the Healthy Living YMCA for kids programs. That money came from selling water bottles. We sold water bottles at local events. We held a garage sell last summer; we sold at lot things thanks to the people who brought stuff for us to sell. We would like to thank the Healthy Living YMCA for letting us sell the water bottles at the front door. We also thank you for letting us participate at Healthy Kids Day. We would like to thank Random Kids for all their help with the water bottles, we enjoyed selling them. We would also like to thank Tammy Mahan for putting up with us during our meetings. Also thank for helping us and making great lunches, plus driving us around. Next we would like to thank Melissa Foley for encouraging and helping us out. Thanks so much! Our last thanks is to those in our families who put up with all the meetings and events, we know that we donít show it but we are pleased to have such great parents. So last we would like to encourage people and kids to think of way that they can help others out. It could be anything, feeding the poor, helping the homeless, or just making someone elseís live easier. Thanks again to everyone, H.E.A.T Rebekah Mahan: Team Leader Abby Hall: Vice Leader Alyssa Brookhart: Treasure Naorin Ashrafi: Secretary Lizzy Dowd: Organizer

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