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For Parents

Does your child want to make the world a better place?

Whether it's for one person or an entire community
Whether it's collecting stuff, funds, or volunteers
Whether it's involves a single effort or launching an organization

RandomKid can help your child to help others.

How do I begin?

Step 1:  Start on the home page, where your child can click "Get Started" to explore issues that matters to them. From there, they can join a project to support OR innovate their own project that makes a difference. Here are some idea starters.

Step 2:  Support your child in creating a project page to rally people around their cause. Privacy is very important to us. Your child will have the option of having a public page (where any one can see it) or private page (where only those your child shares the link with can see it), and a open project (where anyone can support your child) or a closed project (where only those who know your child's chosen password can support your child).

Step 3:  Encourage your child to visit the forums to get ideas on how to drum up more support.  Whether it's creating media events, sharing marketing ideas, or learning about other other ways to generate success, the forums are a great place to get gather and share information.

What if I don't have the time or knowledge?

RandomKid's website was designed to give youth everything they need to be able to be successful with their ideas to help others without adult support-- from providing web pages, to donation links, to bringing them under our 501C3 umbrella, to providing seed funds, to arranging for product branding, and so much more. For a complete list, see this link.

If your child would benefit from adult collaboration, we recommend you seek out an educator, a youth leader (girl scouts, boy scouts, 4-H, faith-based, athletic, etc.), or guidance counselor who may have an interest in helping.  You can pique their interest by letting them know that if your child is suggesting a fund raiser, the funds can actually be split between your child's cause/idea and the supporting program (i.e. school, athletic program, youth organization, etc.)  We also provide curriculum ideas for teachers, developed by international service learning expert and author, Cathryn Berger Kaye.

What resources can you provide?

RandomKid provides everything your child might need including:  Seed funds, a 501C3 umbrella, the ability to safely unify their efforts with other like-minded peers around the globe, their own web pages, a donation portal, free live web conferencing, the ability to brand and sell their own products, the option to split funds they raise to benefit their schools/youth organizations, curriculum support for their teachers, fund raising ideas, and more.

How do you manage to provide seed funds?

RandomKid has a community fund that is created by holding back 10% of what every youth raises on our site. Your child can use that 10% to benefit the growth of their own effort along with the efforts of others. Being a community fund, it is available to all our youth for charitable and/or educational efforts.

What about safety and privacy?

Your child's privacy is a priority at RandomKid. As stated above, RandomKid provides both public and private page options for your child, and both open and closed project options for your child. We do not collect any more information than we need to support your child in helping others, and we NEVER, EVER share that information with anyone. Additionally, we encourage you to discuss internet safety with your child.

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Allow yourself to dream with your child.