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Welcome to our site! We are here for YOU. It's our goal to make your service learning experiences more simple, more relevant, more reaching, and more rewarding.

To make this page easy to navigate, we divided it up into clickable topics. More questions? Email us at:


1. RandomKid and Service Learning, an introduction by International Service Learning Expert, Cathryn Berger Kaye

2. What RandomKid can do for your classroom or youth group

3. Getting Started with RandomKid

4. Wildly Popular RandomKid Projects

5. Idea Starters

6. Learn more about our unique offerings

7. Teacher Resources



1. RandomKid and Service Learning, an introduction by International Serivce learning Expert, Cathryn Berger Kaye

Most of us entered our career to make a difference in the lives of children. These days the overload of testing and layers of requirements often makes this initial personal catalyst a faint memory. However ---                 

WHEN our students identify an authentic community need
AND we provide a myriad ways for these youth to learn related and relevant content and skills (that’s all through engaging, lively curriculum)
AND we enable them, through this gained knowledge, to connect their interests with the application of their skills, talents, and acquired information – all toward a common good
THEN: Service Learning Happens

Whether you found service learning through RandomKid or RandomKid through service learning, these two belong together. Together they give youth a voice. Together they give youth a means to be the change. Together they bring learning to life!

On every project page on the RandomKid site you will find a blue button to the right that says teacher resources. By clicking this button, you can access lesson plans, curriculum webs, books and links that will be useful to your service learning experiences. I will be updating this page regularly with new information.


  2. What RandomKid can do for your classroom or youth group

  • Support you in developing ideas to guide youth in service that empowers them; we are about process as much as outcome.
  • Serve as a resource that paves the way for you to launch creative efforts without having to do the extra legwork-- this is our pleasure.
  • Provide upfront funds you need to launch your ideas from our community seed fund pool.
  • Allow your fundraising to be tax deductible through our 501C3, as long as it is in keeping with our mission to help kids help others.
  • Unify your efforts with others so your students can achieve greater impact -- direct and measurable.
  • Connect you with other schools so you can share in your process, successes, and resources.
  • Provide you with interactive webpages that can be private and secure.
  • Offer lesson plans and curriculum webs through service learning expert, Cathryn Berger Kaye.
  • Offer free web conferencing for your students to connect to others in the world.
  • Allow you to use the funds you raise for your own charitable or educational purposes, as long as it is in keeping with our mission to help kids help others.
  • Allow you to split the funds you raise to also benefit your school or youth organization
  • Advise, from our experience, on what will help make your project more successful.

We see ourselves ultimately as a resource and connector, and what you make of that is up to you. We want to be puddy in your hands that you can mold.


3. Getting Started with RandomKid

Step One: Go through the three step process on our website to familiarize yourself with how we work, and to decide how you want to engage your students. You can pick a specific world issue that ties in with your curriculum and allow the students to pick their solution, or start with a solution that fits in with your curriculum, then track that back to the world issue it addresses.

Step Two: Set up your project page. You and your class may work together to determine what your goal is, and how you want to present your project to potential supporters. You can make your page public or private (anyone can see your page OR only those who you send the url to can see it), and you can make your project open or closed (anyone can join your project OR only those who know your chosen password can join your project). You can update your project with new posts as often as you wish. Do note that you do not need to collect funds-- you can collect stuff, too.

Step Three: (optional): Encourage your students to set up their own sub-project pages, which can also be public or private. For example: Mrs. Smith's 6th grade class could have a project to help the earthquake survivors in Haiti. Student Joe Johnson can make his own page as a part of Mrs. Smith's page, and invite all his family and friends from around the globe to support him, while he supports the greater class effort.

Share ideas with other teachers in the forum. Encourage your students to do the same. We've seen kids from CA, share marketing design templates with students from NY. What a great, early lesson in collaboration!


4. Learn more about our unique offerings:

Split the funds you raise between your cause/effort and your school/youth organization

Collect stuff instead of funds

Find out how you can brand our own products to benefit your efforts

Learn more about coming under our 501C3 umbrella for your efforts

Access our teacher resource page (lessons plans, curriculum webs, books, links) developed by Cathryn Berger Kaye

Learn about how you can soon use the RandomKid site to track time for service hours

Reserve our free webconferencing site

Read our privacy policy