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How to Rally Support

Rallying the Troops


The best way to gain momentum for any project is to build the core on individuals who carrying the flag for your cause. Here are a few tips and tricks:


1. Hand out important titles. By giving someone or some entity a title or role that demonstrates their special relationship to your project, you inspire participation. For our Cambodia project, we invited one youth from each of 20 countries to lead their nation's efforts to build a school together. These randomly appointed leaders were all 12 and 13 years old, and they ended up raising the funds to build a school for 200 kids and together they named it "For Each Other".

2. Be funny. Sometimes the most serious campaigns gain attention through playfulness. One group of kids in Hawaii wanted to get the hoards of tourists to stop throwing their cigarette butts on the ground harming birds and other wildlife, so they placed planters filled with sand around their city and posted signs that said "Plant Your Butts Here".

3. Facebook. They just added a new feature where you can start a group and add friends to join without their permission. Instead of having to accept, they have to reject the offer. Note, you do have to inspire them once you place them in the group with exciting and compelling posts. To see an example of a youth page that does this well, visit the fb group: Giving From the Ground Up.

4. Talk about it. Learn how to tell your passionate story in two minutes or less. The more you share, the more you beam about it, the more it matters to you, the more it will matter to others.

5. Membership. If there is a way to show you are part of something, and you can make that cool, others will notice and want to join in, too. Think Star-Bellied Sneetches. One group of kids from Ohio designed collectible zipper pulls that we manufactured for them and by the end of the month, every one had to have the whole set of six dangling from their backpacks. With the funds they generated, they provided two ICEE machines to young cancer patients-- after chemo, the icy drinks soothe the mouth and tummy.

6. Signage. In bathrooms, on desks, on lockers, on doors, on lawns, at businesses who share your passion, on you (one of our youth wore a cape to school with her message across the back). Be bold in your messaging. Anywhere you share your cause in a fun, dramatic or mysterious way invites curiosity, and people will seek to learn more.

7. Create a webpage. Yep, right here on our site, for free (start by selecting the world issue your idea addresses). You will have your own thermometer in the event that you are raising funds, and can send out emails inviting others to support you upon completing your page (a special page will pop up). No one rallies faster around us than our friends and family. It's a great way to get started quickly in spreading your idea, and garnering support.


Our thinking caps are on.... as we think of more ideas, we will post. If you have ideas, email us at: ideas @