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RandomKid LIVE


It's called "RandomKid LIVE"

and it's a place where any random kid can connect to the world



The Univeristy of Iowa provides this server for the World Health Organization (WHO) to connect physicians and their expertise to areas without adequate access. They are also generously providing this server to RandomKid, to make it possible for youth all over the world to connect, share ideas, combine resources, pool efforts, and learn from each other about their cultures and experiences as co-inhabitants of this great earth of ours.

By connectng kids together across ethnic, religious and political boundaries, and by making it possible for them to collaborate together to alleviate inequities in our world, we lay the groundwork for true and lastng peace. Mutual understanding and equal opportunity is what it is all about.


1. Create your project page on our site (our site is your site)

2. Encourage others you know here and everywhere to start projects along side yours. Watch as others you have never met start projects, too.

3. Once you see a swelling of support horizontally, email us at:

4. RandomKid will invite all the project organizers to meet via email (organizers will be vetted for authenticity before being linked with others)

5. Together you will set a date, time, and agenda (RandomKid can provide samples of meeting agendas from other groups)

7. RandomKid will walk the lead schools or youth organizations through the server functions

8. We will run a test with each participating group to be sure everyone can get into the site easily


At these web meetings, we can invite the indivuduals whose solutions you are funding, experts in the field, the recipients of your efforts, or anyone else  you feel will bring value to your experience.