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Collecting Stuff

Are you collecting stuff instead of funds?
Perhaps eyeglasses, canned food or blankets?

Or are you measuring your impact in terms of the amount of trash collected?
Or the weight of the produce you have grown?

When we built our site, it was important to us that you be able to collect stuff instead of raising funds, and account for that impact on your web pages, too. It was a bit of a challenge to figure out how to do this because our thermometers can only account for monetary donations. So we thought of a workaround:

1. When you set up your project page, mark the thermometer goal at $0.
2. When you fill out your project page, state right at the top that you are not collecting funds, you are collecting stuff.
3. Ask contributors to your project to visit the donation page, fill in the information needed, and then scroll down to the bottom and choose the tab that says "Goods/Services"
4. Have them click on "Leave a Message" and they will be instructed to state the details of their collections.
5. On your project page you will be able to see messages. As you pass your mouse over each message, their collection numbers will pop-up.
6. Add them up, and then update your page information so visitors can see your new totals.


* Remember where you left off adding up collections so you don't have to start from scratch each time.
* If need be, let visitors to your site know where they can drop off the stuff they collected.
* NEVER have the collection drop-off site be a personal address--use a public location.