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Branding Products



This is way better than selling magazines, cookie dough or wrapping paper!
Create your OWN "brand" of a product.
RandomKid will pay to have it made.  You sell it.  The $$ helps your cause of choice.
Everyone wins!

The first RandomKid product we ever sold came from the imagination of a 13-year-old.  Sarah L. wanted to raise a whole lot of money to build Habitat for Humanity homes for Hurricane Katrina survivors. She came up with the idea of house-shaped key chains (carabiners). RandomKid paid to have them made, and helped Sarah get a meeting with the CEO of a big retail company. Next thing you know, she sold over $50,000 worth, including selling her key chains in 445 stores across the USA!

Here's how it works:

1. Choose a product to brand.To search wholesale product lines for ideas, click here. Want to explore more options? Do your own Google search, or get in touch with our product specialist and see what she can find: Advice? Think green. Choose something that won't end up in a landfill. Find something useful that is manufactured with a nod to the earth. We don't want to create harm in our efforts to create good.

2. Once you find a product you like, fill out this form. We will review it to see if we think your business plan has what it needs to make it a GO. If it does, we will provide the seed funds.

3. You decide how you want to price your product, and then pre-sell it while it is being manufactured (which can take up to a few weeks).

4. The first funds that come in will pay us back for the wholesale cost of the product. From the remainder of the proceeds, 90% goes to fund the charitable or educational cause/s of your choice and 10% goes into the RandomKid Community Seed Fund Pool. What is the seed fund pool?  It's the community fund we draw upon to make it possible for kids like you to brand your own products and grow your efforts. It's one big pool, and any one can dip in for the purpose of expanding their work to better this world. (We allow double-dipping, too.)

We can't promise you a national store chain that will sell your stuff, but if you can get a team together, you can sell in your own community and knock your sales out of the ballpark. And one thing's for sure: You can sell it in our online store!

**Important note:  Be sure to find out the laws in your community when it comes to selling stuff. We can help you with this.  And if you're selling at your school, be sure to check with your administrators regarding their rules.