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Splitting Funds

Help your school or youth organization while helping others at the same time! 

Let's face it, some of us get tired of the same old fundraisers year after year for our schools and youth organizations.  Youth end up selling wrapping paper, cookie dough and magazines-- and end up making a profit for someone else much greater than any profit they bring in for the organizations that serve them.

Make this one different. 

Have your youth think through problems they want to solve, and how they want to solve them.  Have them come up with a product (or products) to sell and we will help brand it and fund it.  The funds raised will be distributed between your youth organization (school, sports, faith-based or other) and your chosen cause. Your youth decide the percent split.   Everybody wins. 

Imagine funding computers for under-served youth in your community, and at the same time, funding computers for your own school. Enthusiasm is what you will get when your group has THOUGHTFULLY decided on how they're going to make the world a better place-- for themselves and everyone else.