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You hear all the time that character counts, well, be prepared: Now it's really gonna count. 


RandomKid is joining forces with two organizations, Ashoka/Youth Venture and SweatMonkey, to bring you recognition for your efforts to help others-- recognition that will translate into:

  • Tracked hours for your school or faith-based service programs
  • Service impact for your school transcripts to set you apart for college acceptance
  • Changemaker experience to give you an edge for job applications

By the spring of 2011, when you click "Track my Time" on your project page, you will be able to keep a record of the time you spend on your project, and can have that time verified, certified and accredited. We will also be able to report your impact as a part of your efforts. Everything you do will be represented in a printable Changemaker resume.

Our goal is to broaden the academic transcripts we use today into a portfolio that includes your grades, test scores, and your impact as a changemaker -- whether you are donating your time and creativity to further the efforts of others to bring about change, or you are launching your own innovative solutions to social needs.

Because the truth is, your value is more than your grades. It's more than your tests. It's what you do with who you are and your unique gifts, talents and passions to bring value to others. More and more, you will see educational institutions and employers looking to accept and hire individuals who demonstrate the creativity and drive to make positive change. We can only succeed as a world if we value those who are dedicated to a better tomorrow for all.

When the "Track Your Time" button is ready to track hours and impact, you will get a message on your project page notifying you.

Finally, character will count.