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Welcome to the ANTI-BOTTLE project


Youth from 31 states have placed thousands of reusable bottles in the hands of their communities.

Through this one act, they are changing the world.

Youth are then using their proceeds to invest in ideas that matter to them.

Join the movement. 


Contact us at to get started!


We invite youth to join the movement that can change how we think about our natural resources here at home and around the globe.

Across the nation youth are working together to replace single-use water bottles with a safe bottle that can be refilled again and again. Through this one act youth are reducing oil dependency, eliminating waste from our landfills, and using the proceeds to fund projects that better the world. Youth can choose who they want to fund, however we encourage you to pool your funds with other schools/youth on our site when possible to empower you to make a measurable difference. Note: Students can split the funds raised between your chosen causes and your schools or youth organizations-- so both benefit.

The bottle we are using is very unique-- it can be rolled up and put in your pocket, and is both freezer and dishwasher safe. This ingenious company is called VAPUR:



  • Establish a group and post your project to our website. If your proceeds  are benefiting safe water solutions, post here.  If your proceeds are benefitting the environment or another cause, post here. See ideas for who you can fund here.
  • Create a personalized tag for your bottles that can double as a bookmark. Instructons are below. (optional, but recommended as a way to tell the story of your project)
  • Tell us how many bottles you want of each color, and we will send to you, along with your tags. We cover all upfront costs. Email the quantity of colors requested and your shipping address along with phone number to
  • Once you start selling the bottles, you remit payments to RandomKid every 30 days until all are the bottles are sold.
  • The first funds that come in pay us back for the bottles (they run $4 plus shipping and tags).
  • The next 10% is put into a community seed fund that you can use to fund the launch of more projects down the road or purchase more bottles for this project. All youth can access our community seed fund pool to launch their ideas to better the world.
  • The rest of the proceeds can go to any outcome youth desire-- as long as it is for charitable or educational purposes that can be verified.
  • Randomkid is made up of 100% volunteers-- all funding goes to helping kids help others.
  • Please do not over-order, as we can not take back unsold bottles. What we can do is have you sell your bottles for cost to other schools who join in this project. However, you will be responsible for shipping fees. We launch about 5 schools per month.



1. You can join others on our site and unify your funding to place safe, clean water wells where they are needed most. It's simple: You drink so another can. YOU benefit through reducing single-use bottles here at home, OTHERS benefit from life-saving clean water. Currently youth are combining funds for projects through Global Water and The Blue Planet Network.


2. You can fund green solutions at your school or elsewhere. The funds raised can be used for recycle bins, water filling stations in your school (we partner with Elkay on this to add a spout to your drinking fountains with very special pricing), solar panels, gardens, reforestation, etc. You are using green living to fund more green living.


3.You can sell the bottles for only one purpose: To eliminate single-use bottles. For this, you would generate no proceeds-- bottles would be sold at cost. Each bottle sold would require a commitment from the buyer to carry reusable bottles in lieu of buying single-use ones. Buyers can show their commitment through signatures. One group of youth is having people sign leaves that are then placed around a tree the youth drew on a large sheet of paper placed on a wall in their hallway (using discarded paper scraps from the school's art classes). Another group is taping the signatures side-by-side in a single row starting on one wall of the school and seeking to run the signatures around the whole school until the circle is closed on the other side.


4. You can fund something completely unrelated with an outcome that betters the world, though we strongly recommend that the outcome be measurable/tangible.

DETAILS FOR MAKING YOUR OPTIONAL BOTTLE TAG (that can removed and double as a bookmark):

1. Create the artwork: Either create a project name as part of a graphic (see example 1) OR provide artwork background for your bookmark leaving space at the top for your text to be added in later (see example 2). If the examples below don't load on your computer screen, you can DOWNLOAD HERE (the actual tags are in sharp focus and the colors much more attractive). Either way, create your artwork MUCH BIGGER than the bookmark and we will shrink to fit (keep the dimensions for artwork such that when we shrink it to 2.5 by 7 it fits, more or less, into the space). Make the colors bright and bold (crayon, colored pencil or marker). If you write words on your bookmark, use a thin marker or dark pen so the words pop out more. 

2.  Write the text you want to go on your bookmark tag that tells the story of your project. Limit to about 100 words.

3. Send your artwork as a hi res jpeg (or scan at 300 dpi) along with your text to: You only need to create the front of the bookmark. We will provide information for the BACK of the bookmark including tips for ways to protect our planet.

4. Upload your project to our site (click the CREATE button on the page). By getting onto our site, you will be able to spread the word about your project generating far more funds (you will have your own donation portal), and connect with other schools who share your mission. Note that you can have a public page or a completely private page that can only be seen by those with whom you share your password.

5. We will make a sample of the final tag, and upon your approval, we will order it and have shipped to you. We cover all upfront costs.



Example 1:



Example 2: