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Great Strides



You can walk so that another can.

This project has been launched in partnership with Ponseti International Association to make it possible for youth around the world to gain fitness by walking/running a sponsored marathon over the course of a defined period, and use the funds raised to provde corrective procedures for some of the 1.3 million children with Club Foot-- a completely correctible condition.

Ponseti International has developed a non-surgical procedure that costs $260 per child-- a fraction of the cost of surgery-- and is more effective. Noting that the world is 26,000 miles in circumference, and that a marathon is 26.2 miles, we thought . . . 26 is a theme here. What could be better than to have kids walk/run that distance over a certain period of time to change the world for others who are unable to walk/run?



1. Email us that you want to get started at

2. Set up your project page

3. We will send the number of pedometers you need

4. Modify this template as needed to get sponsors

5. Create your project page to track your success--we will walk you through this (note: pages can be private)

6. Send in your funding to:

P.O. Box 102
Waukee, IA 50263-0102

7. 90% of the funds will go to funding corrective procedures and 10% will go to helping other youth launch their projects to help others. NOTE: You are welcome to split funds to benefit your school's athletic department.

Through this project, you will have the opportunity to meet the physicians who perform this procedure around the world through our free webconferencing site and connect, when possible, with the beneficieries of your efforts.

The pedometers you are given can be kept by your school/organization, and we will provide a list of ideas for other ways to use these pedometers to gain fitness in a fun way!



  • You can run around the world, keeping track of your collective miles as you go, and celebrating milestones by having country-themed parties when you arrive in various locations. If you find yourself at sea, have a water party!
  •  Each class can run from a different part of the USA, and meet in your state.
  • Join with other schools across the USA through RandomKid, and engage in the project together.
  • Draw pictures of shoes, and string them single file around your school's walls, trying to go from one side of the office door all the way around until you are back at the other side of the door.
  • Run the final .2 miles in celebratory style as part of a city marathon, around your school, or on your track and field day

We will post more ideas as schools share more with us about what they are doing.