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Mission & Services

The RandomKid mission is to provide staff and services to youth, of all backgrounds and abilities, for the development, management and accomplishment of their goals to help others.

We educate, mobilize, unify and empower youth to directly impact local and global needs. By helping kids to become innovative and successful world problem-solvers, we are securing a better fate for our world now, and into the future. We don’t ask you to be a part of us; we become a part of you.

We provide services that make it possible for youth to:

  •  Position themselves as a project CEO by providing youth with FREE support staff and services, including:
    • Consultation for concept/project development for any cause that inspires them
    • Product development (yes, you can brand your own products)
    • Seed funds from our community pool to jump start projects/products
    • Web pages (with your own thermometer and online donation link)
    • Ability to safely unify your efforts with other like-minded youth
    • 501C3 umbrella coverage
    • Media and public relations
    • Telephone conferencing
    • Web conferencing
    • Event planning
    • Financial administration
    • Funding for your schools/youth groups (you designate % of proceeds)
  • Build leadership skills by being engaged in the process and mobilizing their community
  • Circulate their ideas so other kids can easily join in and replicate their project, nationally and/or internationally.  
  • Unify their project safely with other like-minded youth and youth groups to increase their 'voice', financial power and impact  
  • Establish networks with kids from varied backgrounds in order to bring diversity to their planning process and experience
  • Gain entreprenuerial skills by designing, manufacturing and selling their own products, original art works and music to support their causes (when requested)
  • Experience their impact by connecting with the beneficieries of their efforts in a way that is empowering to all
  • Hone the skills to successfully complete future philanthropic desires independently of RandomKid.