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BIG NOTE:  RandomKid does not take in all funds collected or reported. In our first project in 2005, where we rallied youth to report donations for Katrina relief in a unified act, no donations passed through RandomKid. Instead, they were reported and sent to the relief organizations each effort designated. Since establishing ourselves as a nonprofit in 2006, funds do pass through, but not all of them. When we provide kids products at wholesale cost in order to fund their intitiatives with the proceeds, the youth pay back wholesale costs to RandomKid, but keep the proceeds for their causes. When we account for funds raised, we include all proceeds in that number. For this same reason, we do not have a complete list of all the organizatons and efforts benefitted.

RandomKid Impact

Total amount raised: $10439571.33

Number of youth involved: 12000200

Number of people helped: 4912663

Number of organizations supported: 76

Number of projects created: 243

Number of donations made: 235

You can read more about these amazing RandomKids and their efforts in the news, or by talking a virtual walk through our International Random RockStar Hall of Fame.