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Who is Behind This

Who is Behind This

Introducing Lisa Nash of Blue Planet Network

I, Jin Zidell, am a Dyslexic, Industrialist, Philanthropist, Adventurer, 72 Year Old Man, and a Practitioner of Yoga and Zen for 35 years. The last 9 years have been the most educational and interesting period of my life. I always want to learn more, do more, explore more. It is just starting to come together. I work with a small team of people at Blue Planet Network who are just as excited as I am about bringing safe drinking water to everyone on this planet who needs it. We work with 68 water groups around the world who are working to do the same thing. We work only in rural communities in developing nations, not big cities, as these villages usually donít even have the advantages of electricity or government programs to improve their lives. We use the Internet to share ideas with the 68 member groups of our Network and try out new programs together. Every day, we learn new things from each other. Every day, we make a little more progress toward our vision of safe drinking water for all.

What you can experience through this

You can understand the impact your efforts have. When a village you have supported gets safe drinking water, you can see how it transforms the lives of everyone in that village. Children go to school to lead better lives, women become more respected and often start businesses to help their families. Many fewer people go to hospital or die from unsafe drinking water. The entire community has a chance to prosper. With Blue Planet Network, there are many ways you can be involved. You can read stories about the village you support on our website. You can exchange electronic scrapbooks with the students in the community you support to learn more about their lives, and let them learn about you.

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