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Who is Behind This

Who is Behind This

Introducing Victoria Loorz of iMatter

The iMatter campaign was founded by youth climate advocate Alec Loorz when he was 15 with the goal of being a youth led, youth inspired climate campaign by and for the people who will be most affected by climate change: kids. The iMatter team is made up of youth climate organizers from around the world, and many have organized iMatter climate marches in our communities. The iMatter campaign is open to anyone who wants to do something about climate change, and who sees it as an issue that affects the world that kids today will have to grow up in.

What you can experience through this

iMatter is offering a series of climate action trainings here on called iMatter U that you are welcome to be a part of. Video trainings will start on Friday, June 10th and will be held every other week afterwards. If you are interested in doing an iMatter youth climate march in your city this summer, you can learn more and sign up to get started at If you want to connect with the iMatter campaign, or have a really cool idea, you can send an email to

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