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How it works

You're a random kid and you want to help someone.

We're an organization of random and very dedicated volunteers--here to help you do just that.


On this site you will find everything you need to be successful for anything that inspires you in your efforts to help others-- 

from collecting funds, to collecting stuff, to collecting signatures

from needing a 501C3 umbrella, to seed funds, to a private or public web page,

to rallying others around your cause. 


Your cause can be an organization that we have chosen;

Your cause can be an organization that you have chosen;

Your cause can even be an organization or effort that YOU started.


The way our community works is that we all help each other.

10% of everything everyone raises goes into our random community fund.

These funds are growth funds for YOU, and for others.

It's the fund we draw from to provide what you need to launch your ideas to better the world.

Today, you may need the funds someone else raised to empower you to provide safe water to Africa.

Tomorrow, the funds you raised might empower someone else to provide a garden for the hungry.


Navigate our menu at the top of each page.

Click around the site.

You will figure it out, and if you need more guidance, contact us.

We are here for you.

We believe in you and your dreams.