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World Issue: Environment
Solution : The ANTI-BOTTLE Project

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Welcome to Poplar Bridge Elementary STEM School’s Raingarden Project! We are using the "Anti-Bottle Project" to sell VAPUR water bottles to our school community in order to fund a raingarden. In our school, we learned that our neighboring streams and rivers are becoming polluted by rainwater runoff. The rainwater is causing erosion of our creek and river banks, and aiding in transferring pollution caused by salt on the roads and sidewalks, and leaves and trash from our schoolyard directly into the storm drains. The storm drains go directly to a local resource, Nine Mile Creek, and eventually to the Mississippi River. A rain garden is an attractive solution that will provide benefits to our community. It will catch rainwater runoff in our schoolyard, as well as providing a wildlife habitat and beautiful landscaping. Our rain garden will slow the storm water runoff, help prevent erosion, and remove pollutants in the process. We will be benefiting our environment in two ways. Not only are we eliminating waste in our waterways through our raingarden, but we will be reducing it in our roads and landfills by encouraging the use of reusing water bottles. This product will help eliminate single-use bottles in our school. Please help us reach our goal and help the environment!

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Poplar Bridge is partnering with Nine Mile Creek Watershed District in order to establish a rain garden as an outdoor learning space for our students. It will be working in collaboration with an already established courtyard that houses important learning tools such as a pond, rain barrel, and natural vegetation. These spaces will be used to make our curriculum both local and relevant and give direct opportunities for students to observe their natural surroundings. Students will be involved in the entire process of creating a raingarden. In our pre-determined space, students will be doing percolation tests to see how rapidly or slowly water will soak into the soil. With that information, they will determine the depth and size of the garden. We will be using, “The Blue Thumb Guide to Raingardens” to aid us in determining the type of plants and are currently considering a bird and butterfly garden to attract our winged friends. We also hope to plan the garden so a majority of blooming will take place while school is in session. These VAPUR water bottles are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, come in many different colors, can be rolled up to be stored in your pocket, schoolbag, or purse, and have a carabiner attached to them so you can clip them anywhere you’d like. There is a place on the back to write your name with a permanent marker, so they are easily identifiable as well. The bottles will be for sale at our Back to School Celebration and in the school store at Poplar Bridge Elementary for $10.00. If you already have a reusable water bottle but would like to help our cause, there is a place on our website where you can donate money instead. Thanks for your support!
 To check out the VAPUR anti-bottles, visit
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