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World Issue: Disaster Relief
Solution : Random Solution


Goal : $999
Raised : $0
Remaining : $999

Hay gurl Hay!! My name is Leah and i want to raise $999 for super storm sandy. This year is my last year of middle school. BTW i am the president of the NJHS (national junior honor society) so that means i have to say a speech at graduation. By that time, i want to have to say i have helped many organizations or raised $? for so many things. I want to be known as someone special. Plus i want a WIN WIN WIN WIN. hahaha i want to help those people on the east coast. i am blessed to have all that i have. So i think everyone should be blessed to have a home,clothes,shoes, etc. PLEASE PLEASE PL,EASE donate because i WANT other people to have what i have. thankyou oh so much. ;)

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Project Description

Right now i am at zero dollars to support super storm sandy. :( ....but thats alright. I am planning to donate all the money i raise to red cross so they can help the people on the east coast. Red Cross gives anything and basically everything they need; food,clothes, hygene kits, and more. i want every single person who was affected to get help. even if they just got one little scrape. I am going to start this project in my school. BUt my school is very very small. Plus i want to show this p[roject to so many more people. please donate! ;) thankyou oh so mucho if u do/did or didnt donate anything. <3333333

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