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World Issue: Animal Welfare
Solution : Random Solution


Goal : $1000
Raised : $0
Remaining : $1000

We are supporting Watermelon animal ranch in creating good environments for shelter animals and helping them find homes- even if that home is at the shelter forever.

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Project Description

A Home Forever supports Watermelon Animal Ranch in their efforts to give shelter animals an enjoyable life; even if its with them forever. The ranch is the largest no-kill animal shelter in New Mexico and we want to make it even larger. They can hold 150 dogs and around 50 cats as well as other animals like rabbits and chickens. We are helping to fund Lee's retirement village for animals on the ranch. This village will make more room for dogs and cats and also give older animals somewhere pleasant to live out the rest of their lives. Watermelon animal Ranch already has six buildings for the village, but need money for flooring, heating, cooling, fences, and other things to complete the project.

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