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Hey there! Welcome to Teens For Life! You are probably wondering what this is. We are an organization dedicated to sharing the Pro-Life belief with teens. We aren't a propagandized load of potatoes, we want to share the real truth. Hope you enjoy the site! And please, keep an open mind, have an open heart, and have fun :)

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Welcome to Teens For Life! No, not "WHOO! I'm going to be 16 FOREVAAAA!!!!" But more so teens for the pro-life belief. We've heard it on the news, from our friends and family, and just about everywhere, but what *is* pro-life? Well, simply put, it's a belief that life is a precious gift that should be available to anyone. Now, I know what you're probably thinking, "Oh, these are the people who think that women shouldn't have any rights and that everyone is a baby murderer." And that is completely wrong :) Pro-life is a belief that has been warped and twisted by media and media focusing on the extremists. So what's our point? We want to show the real belief of pro-life. Our organization is dedicated to showing teens the pro-life belief. We want to raise awareness for what pro-life really is. Here are some major myths of pro-life beliefs: Myth #1: Pro-life only pertains to abortion. --->Actually, pro-life isn't just about abortion. There are many factors. Things like euthanasia to elderly, and even murder can create a pro-life belief. Abortion is the most highlighted thing in the media, and therefor, a lot of people channel themselves towards the abortion cause. Lot's of people don't even know what euthanasia is. Well, euthanasia is when a doctor (or someone with the drugs available) will use medications to kill an elderly person. This is similar to putting down a dog. There are a lot of reasons for choosing euthanasia including the family not wanting to care for the person. Myth #2: People who are Pro-life are anti-women's rights. --->This is a major argument of people are aren't pro-life. People are led to believe that since pro-life means eliminating abortion and birth control/contraceptives, that they are taking away a woman's right to choose her life. People think that since pro-life beliefs lead to eliminating things that lead to the end of a pregnancy or blocking the conception, that w

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