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World Issue: Environment
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Goal : $2000
Raised : $0
Remaining : $2000

PLANT YOUR BUTT HERE! Something so small does make a difference in the world.

Whimsical planters and innovative ideas make a big difference!

Reduce cigarette pollution in your community!

Launch a "Plant Your Butts Here " Campaign in your community.

Adopt a Planter.

Sponsor a planter.

Be the change you wish to see in the world!

For every $[10] raised this organization will provide [1] [butt planter] for [1] recipient(s) living in : Global
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Project Description

Launch a \"Plant Your Butts Here\" Campaign in your town. Begin with one street, expand to two streets and then eventually to the entire town so there is a cigarette butt planter every 100 feet within the town. The anti-smoking laws that most cities are now enforcing cause smokers to flick, stop or toss their cigarette butts on the ground before entering a building. This has increased the amount of butts that litter the streets. Through educating the pubic about the negative effects of cigarette butts on the environment and making the butt disposal receptacles in accessible places, we can reduce the number of cigarette butts that litter the streets in our community. The butt planters are whimsical with the \"Plant Your Butt Here\" theme and provoke interest and amusement. Something so small does make a difference! We are committed to helping any organization begin this project in their community. Join us in this nationwide endeavor. Together we can make a difference, one butt at a time!

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Preserving Paradise: One Butt at a Time

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