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Alana's Irish Dancing Project
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Goal : $50
Raised : $81
Remaining : $-31

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Hi, My name is Alana and one of my hobbies is Irish Dancing. I hope you would like to make a small contribution to the great causes my school is supporting, American Red Cross to help Japan, Seattle Children's Hospital to help kids with cancer and the National Wildlife Federation to help animals! I will be dancing at the talent show and the more I raise, the better I will dance! Thanks a lot Alana

For every $[100] raised this organization will provide [5] [various see links for details that make more sense than this part of the site] for [5] recipient(s) living in : North America
Honor Roll :
Wayne Smith $ 25.00 - Pete Barr-Watson $ 10.00 - Stephanie Smith $ 5.00 - karen travelstead $ 25.00 - Melanie Jackson $ 25.00 -
Project Description

I have been dancing for almost three years and am now at the Novice level. I attend many competitions, called feis, throughout the year in both Washington and Oregon state and even across the border in Canada. At the talent show, I will perform 2 of my favorite dances to some of my favorite Irish music.

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