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World Issue: Random Issues
Solution : Sam's World Changers


Goal : $115
Raised : $83.25
Remaining : $32

Hi my name is Andrew Leinweber, my talent is Tae Kwan Do. I will be in the Samantha Smith talent show to help raise money for worthy causes like: the World Wildlife Federation, Japan Reconstruction and helping kids with cance, at Seatle Childrens Hospital.

For every $[100] raised this organization will provide [5] [various see links for details that make more sense than this part of the site] for [5] recipient(s) living in : North America
Honor Roll :
Judith Burkhart $ 10.00 - Thomas Mihara $ 5.00 - Maria Carino $ 10.00 - Sharron Leinweber $ 17.50 - Sharron Leinweber $ 20.00 - Sharron Leinweber $ 30.00 -
Project Description

In the talent show I will be doing a Tae Kwan Do form and an Arnis stick form. I have been doing Tae Kwan Do for over a year and I am excited to show it and support good causes.

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