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Who is Behind This

Who is Behind This

Introducing Liz McCartney of St. Bernard Project

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Our names are Liz McCartney and Zach Rosenburg. We started the St. Bernard Project after seeing thousands of families homeless with no place to turn. SBPs team is made up of 80 dedicated staff members and between 150-250 daily volunteers some as young as 15. Together, this group can work on rebuilding up to 60 homes in any given day. We don't build new homes, we restore and refurbish existing ones. By doing so we keep neighborhoods and families together, use less of our earth's resources, and keep costs to a fraction of what they would be for a new home.

What you can experience through this

You will change a family's life forever. As a donor, you can select the family you want to support and track the progress of their home via Facebook. When the familys home is complete, SBP will send you a photo of the family cutting the ribbon on their rebuilt home and a thank you from the family.

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