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Feed Haiti

In Feed Haiti, we are raising money to help feed malnourished children in Haiti. Our goal is $1,000 by October of 2014. All proceeds go to this cause. more

Goal: $1000 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $1000
Status: Active

Feed Haiti's Famillies Foundation

My project's mission is simply to reduce starvation in Haiti! I am collecting non-perishably food and/or donatioins to make a diffrence in Haiti. more

Goal: $0 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $0
Status: Active


Why this project is needed.(More in detail below the inspiration COMING SOON) -Diabetes -Globally (The USA is looked to as an example for many developing and developed countries, yet now our influence is spreading obesity to them as well) -For Ourselves, For our families, for a better tomorrow! Inspiration While walking around a well known and largely visited amusement park with my best friend, Her mom, and my mom, I was disturbed to see the food options at this million if not billion dollar tourist trap. Everywhere you turned you saw salt or sugar and only salt and sugar was being sold everywhere. There were fruit options but the prices for fruit seemed Fresh was double if not more expensive than say a bag of chips, water was more expensive than a soda or sugar juice. It was disturbing. It gets better. While waiting in line, I saw a special assistance line filled with people. I once was allowed in the line due to a family members health complication. We basically saved hours due to the fact it was a line with at max us and two other small groups. The line in 2012 was filled with people who were literally too obese to stand up, and had to be in wheel chairs or on scooters. Yet they continued to inhale super sized sodas and bags of fried salted chips. And when they got up to get on the ride they either couldn't or were out of breathe standing and pushed to the limits walking 2 feet to the rides seat to sit down again. It gets worse once they sat down they needed a seat belt extension or couldn't fit In the ride at all literally sinking the ride into the track. Recently at the amusement park the oldest ride needed to be redone due to the fact that the boats could no longer support the amount of people it use to on the boat due to the average weight increasing. The tracks and boats had both been ruined and redone as a result of the weight issue. But the scariest and most eye opening part for me was that some of these people were the same age or younger than I was. I understand 100% someone might have a disease or something but the facts also show that obesity is consuming the nation. It's not healthy and it needs to change today for the future of tomorrow! more

Goal: $1 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $1
Status: Active

Fresh Quenchers

We will be having a lemonade stand on November 12,2011 on the Iolani Baseball Field! All proceeds go to the Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Club, and to the YWCA! Come and quench your thirst while helping a cause at the same time! It's a win win situation. The power of our lemonade will make you happy, but will also make our world happy. We will be selling four different kinds of tropical lemonade, made from REAL PINK LEMONS! Come, and we are definitely sure, that you will be satisfied. more

Goal: $500 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $500
Status: Archived


Hi, my name is Ariana and I was diagnosed with severe food allergies when I was only 9 months. I was not allowed to have milk, egg, peanut, tree-nut, and shellfish or any bi-products, and it hit me hard growing up. When I was about four or five, some kids and adults said "I am surprised you are growing" and other things like that as if you could not survive without pizza or ice cream and lots of other dairy foods. By having a strict diet, I became more health and environmentally conscious, especially since my tween age brother has been a vegetarian for almost a year and a half. My family is an advocate in the fight against breast cancer to commemorate the loss of my grandmother, which also made me want to do something to help the environment. Of the bottles of water being bought each year, 80% end up in a landfills, even though recycling programs exist. Kids and families can also find this eco-friendly reusable bottle, which comes in a variety of colors, very helpful. Itís great for biking, camp, trips, college, school, or even just use it for everyday walks and can fold up in your pocket after use. Helping raise awareness in this ANTI-BOTTLE Project is very important because a percentage of breast cancer is due to environmental factors. To help protect my mom, my generation and those to come I have to do this. more

Goal: $1272 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $1272
Status: Active

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