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A Home Forever

A Home Forever supports Watermelon Animal Ranch in their efforts to give shelter animals an enjoyable life; even if its with them forever. The ranch is the largest no-kill animal shelter in New Mexico and we want to make it even larger. They can hold 150 dogs and around 50 cats as well as other animals like rabbits and chickens. We are helping to fund Lee's retirement village for animals on the ranch. This village will make more room for dogs and cats and also give older animals somewhere pleasant to live out the rest of their lives. Watermelon animal Ranch already has six buildings for the village, but need money for flooring, heating, cooling, fences, and other things to complete the project. more

Goal: $1000 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $1000
Status: Active

Addie Kay's Donation Site

I'm really excited to raise money for these three causes! Please help me by donating. Addie more

Goal: $100 | Raised: $31.5 | Remaining: $69
Status: Active

Aid to Somalia

East Middle School is proud to be a Michigan Green School. We're also proud to be a school full of caring, concerned people. Help us to provide aid to starving refugees in Somalia through the Anti-Bottle Project. more

Goal: $5000 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $5000
Status: Active

AIDS Fundraiser

Hi everyone! Did you know that AIDS affects about 1.2 million people in the United States? Although some can afford it, many can't afford it, and therefore, have a shorter lifespan. This fundraiser was created to raise money (our goal is $500.00) to provide medication and care for people with AIDS who cannot afford it. more

Goal: $500 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $500
Status: Active

Alana's Irish Dancing

I have been dancing for almost three years and am now at the Novice level. I attend many competitions, called feis, throughout the year in both Washington and Oregon state and even across the border in Canada. At the talent show, I will perform 2 of my favorite dances to some of my favorite Irish music. more

Goal: $50 | Raised: $81 | Remaining: $-31
Status: Active

Anti Cigarette Butt Campaign

Launch a "Plant Your Butts Here" Campaign in your town. Begin with one street, expand to two streets and then eventually to the entire town so there is a cigarette butt planter every 100 feet within the town. The anti-smoking laws that most cities are now enforcing cause smokers to flick, stop or toss their cigarette butts on the ground before entering a building. This has increased the amount of butts that litter the streets. Through educating the pubic about the negative effects of cigarette butts on the environment and making the butt disposal receptacles in accessible places, we can reduce the number of cigarette butts that litter the streets in our community. The butt planters are whimsical with the "Plant Your Butt Here" theme and provoke interest and amusement. Something so small does make a difference! We are committed to helping any organization begin this project in their community. Join us in this nationwide endeavor. Together we can make a difference, one butt at a time! more

Goal: $2000 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $2000
Status: Active

Anti-Bottle Fundraiser

EWB-UW currently works with various communities in Northern Potosí of Bolivia (approximately 100 km southeast of Cochabamba) on three main types of projects: Roofs and Stoves, Potable Water, and Roads Improvement. EWB-UW is also affiliated with four partner projects (see Partner Projects). EWB-UWS ventures to sell “anti-bottle” water bottles to raise money for the Huaraca and Piriquina water projects this summer. more

Goal: $1000 | Raised: $1507.473 | Remaining: $-507
Status: Active


asasa more

Goal: $1 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $1
Status: Active

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