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NextGEN Policy

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The primary goal of NextGEN Policy is to mobilize high school students to become educated about, advocate for, and participate in science policy outreach. We believe political literacy and advocacy are key to harnessing the power of the next generation, educating and uniting youth to reach legislators, officials, and policymakers. As citizens, we have a civic duty to show that we are informed and passionate about important issues that impact virtually every aspect of our lives. NextGEN leaders strive to evaluate issues from a non-partisan perspective, as health, science, and technology policy affect all citizens regardless of political affiliation. Together, we can become a powerful force for positive and necessary change.

To pursue its mission, the NextGEN organization draws youth from different schools, cultures, and communities to unite in advocacy for science and technology policy issues. Members write articles, track elections, petition, hold debates on STEM policy, and host professionals at their institutions to engage their peers, educate their communities, and impact the world of research and development. NextGEN Policy sponsors two scholarships, organizes an annual Advocacy Workshop, and publishes monthly e-letters. It is also involved in partnership and collaboration work with like-minded corporations and supports student initiatives. Currently, the organization is under a 501(c)(3) umbrella and all donations are tax-exempt. NextGEN Policy is seeking expansion in a diverse set of high schools and colleges, and welcomes all interest and support. Read about our issues of interest.

NGP's 16 and 17-year old founders are committed to the support of local and national science and technology policy and education. They have been invited to host public policy seminars, have led workshops to highlight and encourage the social power of youth, and are active in biomedical research and hospital work. They strongly believe in teen empowerment and activism, and urge their peers and fellow entrepreneurs to invest their talents in social advocacy. Ultimately, they hope to ensure that smart, informed decisions are made about deeply impactful issues that span the spectrum of public health.

Our current issues and actions:

FairVision Project: helping low-income students in the DC area get free eye exams and prescription glasses

Rare disease treatment development: making sure research and development is supported for the 25 million Americans affected by the 7000 different rare ("orphan") diseases each year, supporting enforcement campaigns of the Orphan Drug Act

Biotechnology and drug pipeline: ensuring that Americans are educated about the barriers that slow the delivery of patient treatments, helping speed the transition from medical research to commercial education and drugs, helping close the gap between medical researchers and those commercializing, regulating and approving patient treatments, supporting the Patient's Manifesto

Increasing the civic engagement of the STEM community: encouraging workers in the science, engineering, and health fields to become more involved in the policymaking process on an individual, group, and community level

Research funding for clinical projects: supporting H.R. 3476: Accelerate Cures for Patients Act, a bill that would increase funding to immediately clinically beneficial NIH projects

Biofuel engineering accreditation: supporting H.R. 3523: Biofuel Engineering Training Act, which calls for the accreditation of biofuel engineering and other alternative energy programs of study to increase legitimacy in terms of academic pursuit and later positions and accomplishments in the workforce

Nanotechnology education: supporting H. R. 4502: Nanotechnology Education Act, a bill that would implement nanotech-specific education programs in institution of higher learning; supporting similar educational programs that focus on upcoming fields in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics

STEM education: advocating for the importance of early, hands-on approaches to science and technology education in youth, and a renewed focus on STEM education now and into the future

Youth advocacy: through our workshops, seminars, and weekly meetings in our schools, NextGEN Teams hope to inspire teens to become politically active and harness their abilities to make change


Goal: $5000 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $5000
Status: Active

Noblesville Rainforest Project 2012

Under Construction more

Goal: $1000 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $1000
Status: Active

Nsumensa Project

We are seeking to support the Nsumensa project through the sale of environmentally friendly water bottles. We are also hoping to raise awareness in this project that was started by one young woman who studied abroad in Ghana in college and fell in love with the people. As she seeks to continue to make a difference we are looking to do our little part in supporting her efforts to provide education, clean water, and sustainable agriculture. more

Goal: $0 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $0
Status: Active

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