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My project is called BAND FROM TEXTING. The product that I am selling is a silicone wristband, but there is a catch. When you get into the car to drive, you stretch the wristband around your phone to prevent you from using the phone while driving. Even if you do not have a car, you are encouraged to buy these wristbands, which help support programs that educate citizens on the dangers of texting while driving. These programs will include statewide television stations, education programs in schools or in drivers ed classes, lobbying for the issue, and anything else that you may think of! You can send messages to me if you have an idea about where else the money should go. Please do consider purchasing my product! It is only a dollar, but your one dollar may one day save a life! more

Goal: $10 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $10
Status: Archived

Bear Necessities Pet Pantry

We encourage you to take action by donating (monetary, supplies, or your time) to help people in need feed their pets. Wish List: dog food (all types) cat food (all types) pet beds treats flea treatments (for dogs and cats) leashes collars If you have any questions, please email me at more

Goal: $10000 | Raised: $378 | Remaining: $9622
Status: Active

Bibles for the Children of God

Do you find old Bibles lying around your house? Why not donate them to a worthy cause? The Bible League would be happy to accept them from you. They strive to bring the gospel of the Lord to people in developing countries everyday. While you are recycling - you are also filling peoples hearts with the Word of God. In all of America, we are so blessed to be free to read a Bible. Make people you do not even know happy at heart because they have God in their minds and souls. If you ship them as 'Media Mail' you will get a better price when shipping them. Recycle your complete Bibles to the Bible League anywhere and help out another neighbour of Christ. Thank you! more

Goal: $0 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $0
Status: Active

Biking For Education

biking for education more

Goal: $1000 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $1000
Status: Active

Books for Afghanistan

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Goal: $2 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $2
Status: Active

Boycott the Bottle

The Boycott the Bottle Club is trying to encourage more students, faculty, and staff to use reusable water bottles instead of creating more plastic waste. We will kick off our year long project in May 2011 by selling Vapur water bottles. We will continue in the 2011-12 school year to educate our school community about the need to reduce our waste. Proceeds will be used to help "Green the Priory," and purchase more recycling containers. more

Goal: $400 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $400
Status: Active

Brace Yourself For Hope: Helping AIDS orphans 1 bracelet at a time

"Brace Yourself For Hope: Helping AIDS orphans one bracelet at a time" is an organization that is raising money for two things we are passionate about- Children and AIDS. It is almost common knowledge that children in Africa are orphaned everyday by the growing epidemic of AIDS. We can't just sit by and hope that other people will make a change, but we need to see that cause and chage it ourselves. Every child needs hope in their lives and BYFH is giving that. more

Goal: $5000 | Raised: $0 | Remaining: $5000
Status: Active

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